Barbara Koning

Books, persons, events and information dealing with dreams within religious and esoteric movements and traditions

About Dreampilgrims

Dreampilgrims are those who understand their dreams as meaningful for their spirituality or faith.

In many religious and spiritual traditions dreams have been comprehended as communication between man and a larger Thou. Nowadays this sacred mystery is still being taught to practitioners of these traditions, by a variety of teachers.

On this website you will find an overview of current resources.This body of documentation is continually growing. Hopefully comments will be added to book titles, too – in the form of annotations, keywords, reviews, or information about authors, etc.

Barbara Koning, a psychologist of religion and of dreams in The Netherlands, has launched this project in July 2012. If you can add information about one of these areas you are most welcome. Please contact Barbara by email address: info{@}dromenenwelzijn.nlIgnore the {}.