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Books, persons, events and information dealing with dreams within religious and esoteric movements and traditions

Hinduism Books

Books, chapters in books and articles dealing with dreams in the context of Hinduism

Chopra, D. (1996). Restful Sleep: The Complete Mind/Body Program for Overcoming Insomnia.
New York: Three River’s Press. Ch. 7  ‘Dreams and Dreaming’

Tandan, M. (2009). Dreams and Beyond. Finding Your Way in the Dark. New Delhi: Hay House;
Chapter 15: The Unresolved Mystery of Dreams and the Hindu View, p. 277-296;
Chapter 20: Dreams and Karma: Do We Live But Once?, p. 396-428
Chapter 22: The Numinous Dream: A Sense of the Sacred, p. 441-458
Chapter 23: Lucid Dreaming: Who Dreams The Dream? p. 459-470
Chapter 24: Dream Yoga: Harnessing the Dream, p. 471-484
Chapter 25: Dreaming and the Mystical Inquiry, p.485-512
Publisher about Dreams and Beyond

Other Languages (Dutch, German):

Bertelsen, J. (1982). Dromen, chakra’s en meditatie. Deventer: Ankh Hermes.
References to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and Krishnamurti

Homveld-Barmen ‘t Loo, F. (2000). Hoe Sai Baba In Mijn Leven Kwam. Het verhaal van een toegewijde. Eeserveen: Akasha.
p.31 (Dutch text): “What Sai Baba says about dreams