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Bulkeley, K., Adams, K., & Davis, P.M. (Eds). (2009). Dreaming in Christianity and Islam. Culture, Conflict, and Creativity. Chapel Hill (NC): Rutgers University Press
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Edgar, I.R. (2011). The dream in Islam: from Qur’anic tradition to Jihadist inspiration. Oxford: Berghahn Books

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Edgar, Iain R. 2009. A Comparison of Islamic and Western Psychological Dream Theories. In Dreaming in Christianity and Islam: Culture, Conflict, and Creativity. Bulkeley, K., Adams, K. & Davis, P. New Brunswick, USA.: Rutgers University Press. 188-199. (View publication online)
Iain Edgar & David Henig 2009. The Cosmopolitan and the Noumenal: A Case Study of Islamic Jihadist Night Dreams as Reported Sources of Spiritual and Political Inspiration. In United in Discontent: Local Responses to Cosmopolitanism and Globalization. Theodossopoulos, Dimitrios Kirtsoglou & Elisabeth Oxford: Berghahn Books. 64-82. (View publication online)

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Mittermaier, A.(2011). Dreams That Matter. Egyptian Landscape of the Imagination. Berkeley: University of Californa Press

Muḥammad ibn Sīrīn. (1994). The Interpretation of Dreams. Dar Al Taqua